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Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions of the Knelson Parts & Service dept. If your question is not answered below, contact Knelson with your inquiry or request additional information / quote.

  1. Why is submitting my Knelson product serial number so important?
    • Answer: Submitting the Knelson product serial number is important because it positively identifies your Knelson product. This information is used to support customers in many ways including, processing parts orders accurately, sending out warranty goods, and informing the customer of important product upgrades.


  2. Why does Knelson sell different types of spare parts packages?
    • Answer: Knelson offers a range of spare parts packages to suit the individual needs of our customers. Customers located near major urban centres where parts can generally be delivered in 48 hours or less, often adopt just-in-time inventory control strategies to minimize spare parts inventory and related carrying costs. In contrast, some Knelson customers are based in remote locations where shipping logistics can be difficult and time intensive. These customers generally prefer to have more extensive spares packages on site to minimize unit downtime.
    • Learn more about some of Knelsons spare part packages.


  3. How can the Knelson exchange programs save money on operating costs?
    • Answer: Knelson has developed a number of exchange and refurbishment programs to provide significant savings on genuine Knelson parts. Knelson customers can save an average of 50% of the value of a new parts when opting to participate in the exchange and refurbishment program.
    • Learn more about Knelson exchange and refurbishment programs.


  4. How can Knelson help expedite my order quickly?
    • Answer: When submitting your purchase order please indicate the part number, part description, quantity required, bill to address, ship to address, transportation arrangements, and serial numbers of all applicable Knelson equipment.
    • Knelson has extensive experience exporting equipment into all parts of the world. Using Knelson for your freight forwarding gives you easy "one supplier" invoicing, competitive pricing, and excellent support in the event of a problem.

  5. How can I contact the Knelson Parts & Service Department if I require support?


  6. What type of after sales support can Knelson offer?
    • Answer: One of Knelsons goals is to ensure complete customer satisfaction before and especially after the sale. We offer maintenance training, stocking programs, engineering support, and a global support network that ensure your Knelson equipment performs up to your expectations.

  7. Can Knelson supply other mineral processing equipment?
    • Answer: Absolutely. Knelson can supply shaking tables, live and static screens, pumps, laboratory equipment, specialized maintenance tools and much more. Learn more here.


  8. How fast can I expect to receive my Knelson parts quotation?
    • Answer: The majority of Knelson parts quotations are completed in less than 24 hours.


  9. How does Knelson provide technology updates and equipment upgrades to customers?
    • Answer: Knelson has developed a parts and service bulletin system which provides customers with detailed news of important upgrades and equipment improvements.

  10. Why is water quality important to the operation a Knelson Concentrator?
    • Answer: Maintaining an adequate source of fluidization water is very important to ensure against premature scaling or plugging of the concentrate cone.


  11. Why is it important to not to operate the Knelson Concentrator without water flow into the concentrator?
    • Answer: The rotary union consists of a high precision carbide-ceramic microlapped seal face. These seals are water lubricated and will be damaged if the machine is operated without water flow.

    Did you not find the answer to your question? Send your question to Knelson to have a representative contact you with your answer.

    Share Your Knelson Experience
    "It must be noted that the Knelson Concentrator only treated a partial stream of the secondary cyclone underflow, being a test unit. Results would be far better if the total stream had to be passed through the Knelson Concentrator."

    "The effective performance of the unit was under estimated originally. Any gold processing plant, treating ore containing free gold, fine or coarse, should select a Knelson to treat the total stream."

    "The installation of the Knelson proved to be a profitable and valuable project in terms of improving the overall plant recovery and data gathering for the design of the gravity circuit on the new Target Metallurgical Processing Plant."

    "Although difficult to ascertain the exact influence of the Knelson Concentrator on the overall recovery of Loraine Plant, due to changing plant feed grades and tonnages, it is fair to assume an overall plant recovery increase of no less than 3%." - Gerald E Olivier, Plant Manager- Avgold Target Division, Loraine Metallurgical Plant, South Africa ...more > >
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