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Knelson customers include established industry leaders who are known worldwide for delivering premium mineral products. These companies and people have experienced the Knelson technology to provide them a competitive advantage. That's why 100% of respondents from a worldwide survey said they would recommend Knelson to other potential customers.

From large alluvial and hard rock enterprises to laboratory and test work operations, Knelson customers are blazing a path in the mining economy. If you have a Knelson experience to share, please send us your story here.

To name a few Knelson Concentrator customers.....

  • Anglogold / Ashanti Goldfields Company Ltd. - Geita Mine - Tanzania
  • Anglogold / Randgold - Morila Mine - Mali
  • Anglogold - Serra Grande Mine - Brasil
  • Anglogold - Sunrise Dam - Australia
  • Ashanti Goldfields Company Ltd. - STP - Ghana
  • Barrick Gold Corporation - Bulyunhulu Mine - Tanzania
  • BHP - Tintaya Mine - Peru
  • Norilsk Mining Company - Norilsk Nickel Operations - Russia
  • Placer Dome - Porgera Mine - Paupau New Guinea
  • Placer Dome - Campbell Mine - Canada
  • Rio Narcea Gold Mines - El Valle Mine - Spain
  • The Goldfields Group - Kundana Gold Mine - Australia

The Knelson Experience....

Steve Ward, Process Superintendent, Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Limited, Tanzania

“Having had Knelson Gravity solutions install 2 XD 30 Knelson concentrators and a Acacia3000 reactor at Barricks Bulyanhulu Tanzanian Gold Mine. Working closely with Knelsons Africa Manager Pete Simpson for 10 years it was a pleasure to work with some body that was always willing to assist with technical support, training and providing a high level of onsite service, hope I get the chance to do it again. I would highly recommend Knelson Gravity solutions to any Company.”
J. Francisco Partida Zepeda, Owner - Regina Mining Project, Mexico

"Because the material is already lose (it comes in the form of sand), also the gold and silver come free of other minerals, all the process will be chemical and reagents free, so the Knelson Gravity Concentrators are our best choice for this mining project, making it 100% ecological..."
John Hayden, VP, Environment - National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, Virginia, USA

"Being a nonmetallic mineral processing geologist working now for industry trade association, I would promote the "Knelson" to every Tom, Dick and "Nelson" I know in the industry!"
William Hunter, Tailings Operator - Kemess Mines, British Columbia, Canada

"Worked with Knelsons at Kemess Mines and I am absolutely impressed with the design, the user friendliness, as well as the phenomenal recovery."
Pierre Jean, Senior Metallurgist - Wesdome - Complexe Minier Kiena, Val D'or, Quebec, Canada

"From using Knelsons and an Acacia reactor at past operations, I have to admit that service and technical support has always been fast, competent and friendly."
Duane Studer, Mineral Resource Technologist - Durama Enterprises Ltd., LaRonge, Saskatchewan, Canada

"We use a Knelson Concentrator for heavy mineral separation from bulk basal till samples. The documentation of the individual gold grains recovered over 5 microns assists in locating the source of the recovered grains or anomalous heavy mineral - sample site. Other methods tried do not recover the fine gold particles found in some samples. This unit has become the method of choice in the La Ronge belt."
Chris Werbicki, Environmental Coordinator - North American Tungsten, Yukon Territories, Canada

"In my travels with many mining operations, I have used 2", 7",12" and 30" Knelson Concentrators... I have also used Falcon and HyG systems as well. The only manufacturer that I will endorse is Knelson Concentrators. I am looking forward to seeing a 72" in operation and maybe a chance someday to operate such a large scale machine. Keep up the good work!"
Chris Potorieko, Mill Technician - NVI Mining Ltd., British Columbia, Canada

"We still run on the 12 year-old 30" CD's. They still work great and have served us well over the years."
Sebastian Arhimedes Fianu-Viglo, Production Manager - Willstan Civil & Mining Ltd., Ghana

Very good and efficient. Knelson can be used in many metallurgical processing. It's very convenient and highly versatile with high recovery rate.
Blaise Agbodra, Plant Operations Superintendent - Wexford Goldfields Ltd., Ghana

"My company uses 48'' Knelson Concentrators on the cyclone feed and there is a noticeable reduction in the plant tails grade when they are in use."
Bernard Forson, Mechanical Engineer - Balfos Ltd., Ghana

"I have work with it and can testify to its efficiency."
Ansah Opoku Kwadwo, Technical Mining Assistant - AngloGold Ashanti, Ghana

"I am overwhelmed of the Knelson magic and I think that it is a good separation method..."
Bouzar Essaidi Samir, Assistant Project Manager - Enor, Algeria

"At our company we work with the Knelson Concentrator and the gravity recovery is sometimes above 60% which is very profitable for the company so we make money with the Knelson rather than the others."
Subramaniam, Group Procurement Manager - Avocet Mining PLC, Malaysia

"Knelson has been our main income producer. Entire process is depend on gravity recovery then chemical recovery."
Doni Mustari, Metallurgist - PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals - Newcrest Mining Ltd., Indonesia

"Knelson Concentrator is user-friendly, easy to operate, low maintenance cost, and also saving cost for reagents."
Adrian Zarantonello, General Superintendent Op - PT Freeport, Papua

"I project managed a US$10M project from flowsheet design, construction and commissioning of 14 KCXD48's at the Grasberg Mine of PT Freeport, with assistance from ConsSep and Knelson. Twelve units were installed in primary applications and 2 units installed on cleaner applications. The combined projects have resulted in an economic NPV15> US$20M, and payback within 3 years."
Doni Mustari, Metallurgist - PT. Nusa Halmahera Minerals - Newcrest Mining Ltd., Indonesia

"Knelson Concentrator is user-friendly, easy to operate, low maintenance cost, and also saving cost for reagents."
Tom Kendall, Director - Holtfreters Pty Ltd., Australia

"Knelson concentrators have dominated the gold gravity applications since 1989 in WA. In the seven gold plant gravity circuits I have installed in the past 15 years, we have used nothing else."
Joe Bosso, Construction Manager - Wedgetail Mining, Australia

"In the early 80s was the best new product to be introduced to the gold mining industry. When I went to a seminar in calorie where it was first introduced to the gold fields I could not believe what I was seeing. Three months later we ordered one, it was the best order we ever placed."
Brian Putland, Principal Metallurgist - Orway Mineral Consultants, Australia

"I previously installed a 30 " knelson on a 5 g/t gold ore and achieved 70% gravity gold recovery. They are excellent technology and I'm very confortable recommending their use in gravity seperation applications."
Jon Price, Manager Processing - Sons of Gwalia, Australia

"In the mid 90's gravity circuits were still considered an add-on component by a lot of companies. In 1999, I fitted a spare 30 inch Knelson to a stream from the tailings screens and began pulling 10's of ounce per hour from a 20% stream. When asked why I wanted to retrofit a complete new gravity circuit to the plant and what would the payback be, I replied: You've just spent $M's of dollars getting the gold out of the mine and through the processing plant only to put it back in the ground. The project will pay itself back by the time you have signed the check and got yourself a cup of coffee."
Triadi Sugiarto, Production Metallurgist - Kelian Gold Mine. East Kalimantan-Indonesia (PT Kelian Equatorial Mining)

".....easy for maintenance and controlling process. No chemical reagent required." (refering to the Knelson Concentrator) "Thank you on the dedication and determination you have shown in developing environmentally safe equipment for international use in mineral processing and recovery of precious metals."
Royce McAuslane, Plant Metallurgist - Barrick Gold, Australia

"Using no more than a single CD30 unit with a gold wheel as a secondary concentration we are able to recover >75% of our produced bullion at Lawlers Gold Mine."
Maureen Mensah, Purchasing Officer - Ashanti-Iduapriem Mine, Ghana

"We have a XD48 concentrator on site which is helping in our throughput though we started using Knelson concentrators in 1993, the product has improved over the years and we will not have been where we are now without it and it will get better and better with the years."
Marnu Lombaard, Metallurgical Engineer - AngloGold, South Africa

"During a unique short term high grade period we produced 3,000 oz. of gold in a 24 hours operating shift from three XD-48 Knelson concentrators. They are worth their weight in gold."
Dave Hall, Senior Metallurgist - Placer Dome Musselwhite Mine, Canada

"The ACACIA (ConSep ACACIA Reactor) paid for itself before the end of 2003. Plans are in place to increase feed tonnage to the two Knelson XD30 Concentrators on site to allow the ACACIA to do more work up front. The communication and support with Knelson Gravity Solutions has been nothing less than outstanding."
Larry Ingle, CI Co-Ordinator - Barrick Gold of Australia Ltd., Australia

"Over 70% of our gold production is recovered via our trusty Knelson-what would we do without it?"
Pierre Pelletier, Manager, Metallurgy - Cambior, Canada

"Do you know where the first Knelson CD30 inches has been installed? East Malartic Mill, Quebec, Canada (CD serial 01 and 02) in 1993. The first commercial application for the low dilution cone has been done at this location in the CD serial 01. The results have been so good that the modified G4 cone to G5 has never been removed, except for clean up! The result of the 3 months tests run in parallel with the CD sn/02 gave a gold recovery better or at least similar to the G4 configuration, using only 45% less water in a 55% equivalent weight. The running time for the two Knelsons has been close to 99% on a 10 years continuous operation basis, recovered close to ~600,000 gold ounces and produced an extra gross revenue of ~$10 millions."
Mike Marriott, Managing Director - Independence Gold Mining (Pvt) Ltd, How Mine, Zimbabwe

"We are extremely happy with the performance of the ACACIA (ConSep ACACIA Reactor). Not only have we seen improved efficiencies, this technology has enabled us to discard the use of mercury for amalgamation of gold in concentrates, thereby achieving a great advance in our strategy of eliminating environmental and security risks. This investment demonstrates our commitment to the business of gold mining in Zimbabwe, and we continue to believe that given the appropriate economic dispensation, gold mining will prove to be one of the industries that will lead an economic turnaround in this nation." - commenting on the payback of the first ConSep ACACIA Reactor in Africa.
Peter McIntyre, Managing Director - Coronet Resources Limited, Australia

"Installation of a Knelson concentrator at the Bluebird mill in Western Australia has increased the gold recovery from the NOA2 mine by 4%."
Gerald E Olivier, Plant Superintendent - Avgold Target Metallurgical Process Plant (MPP), South Africa

"I would like to report that the 48 inch Knelson Concentrator is currently producing >50% of the gold at Target, this excludes the tailings from the Gemeni Table that we send to Rand Refinery. If the gold from the tailings is included, the figure is in excess of 55%."
George Potter - Ashanti Goldfields Company Managing Director Group of Metallurgy and Supplies, Ghana

"We have selected Knelson as our primary gravity process at all operations processing ore which is amenable to gravity concentration."

"We are very strong proponents of gravity concentration and have selected the Knelson Concentrator on the basis its efficiency to recover a significant portion of the overall gold into a very small high-grade concentrate mass."

"We view the Knelson Concentrator as a simple, reliable and robust unit which compliments downstream recovery processes by producing low cost ounces right out of the grinding circuit where free milling gold if first liberated and available to be recovered," commenting on Ashanti's purchase of their 17th Knelson Concentrator.
Adam Graf, Mining Analyst - Bear Stearns, USA

"I've been to several large copper mines that use Knelson concentrators. My understanding is that they are industry standard, so why use anything else?"
Bill Lethlean - Anglogold Chief Metallurgist Engineer, Australia

"There has been a plus 20% increase in gold recovered by gravity circuit since the installation of the ACACIA Reactor. The major impact within the gold room has been the elimination of health issues due to arsenic oxide fumes generated when treating Gemini table concentrate and improved security with respect to manually handling of high grade gold concentrates. Another improvement has been a stabilizing of the CIL recovered gold and reducing the overload situation developed in the CIL/Elution circuit due to the increasing tonnage throughput." - referencing the installation of an ACACIA Reactor by ConSep Pty. at Union Reefs Gold Plant in Australia which also includes four (4) Knelson KC-CD30 gravity concentrators installed on cyclone underflow.
Charl Fourie, Plant Superintendent - Avgold / Eastern Transvaal Consolidated, Sheba Mine, South Africa

"At Sheba, as with New Consort Mine, the Knelson has a great influence on recovery and on security. The retrofit was definitely worth it since the higher recovery has paid for the Knelson within 4 months", referring to an installation of a Knelson XD30 batch-type concentrator.
Darren Varcoe, Emergency Services Officer - Gold Fields St. Ives Gold, Australia

"Being a part of the Emergency Services and Security on site we understand how important a commodity having a Knelson entails. With the way it works and the gold content it produces, our Knelsons have maximum security surrounding this area."
Andrew Weeks, Senior Consultant - Golder Associates

"I have used Knelson concentrators at numerous operations in Australia. In all cases, recovery of metal has been greatly enhanced by including a Knelson concentrator in the process stream."
Mike Young, Principal Geologist - Golder Associates, Australia

"We are currently working on a resource in Western Australia, which has more ounces than tonnes!! They asked us which gravity circuit they should install. I said "A Knelson" then I thought, "Is there any other?" Answer was, I couldn't think of one!!"
Ross Byron, Plant Superintendent - Eastern Ontario, Canada

"The machine has operated flawlessly over the first 12 months. Thus far unit availability has been over 96% and operating costs have been minimal." - first commercial installation of a Continuous Variable Discharge concentrator.
Michael Cawood, Managing Director - Bonte Gold Mines Ltd., Ghana

"I have looked at the XD-48 equipment which as arrived safely on site and I must say that you guys do an impressive job at packing, crating and protecting the shipment. Also the machines look really good and Knelson Concentrators should be congratulated for the professional work accomplished. Thank you all."
Don Strickland, Mill Metallurgist - Placer Dome Canada

"Working with Ken Denham; Knelson Maintenance Manager, has been very successful in understanding our Knelson maintenance problems and getting control of our Knelson utilization. Ken has been key in creating a solid supplier-customer relationship for solving mechanical problems for the benefit of both parties."
Rod Tyreman, Plant Metallurgist - Goldcorp Inc., Red Lake Mine, Canada

"With the high grades that we have been treating, the processing plant can receive spikes (12 hour feed composites) in excess of 10 opt. This requires us to have an efficient, reliable, and trouble-free gravity circuit. Knelson Concentrators have provided our plant with this."
Ujjal Dosanjh, Q.C.; Premier of British Columbia, Canada

"I commend you (Knelson) on the dedication and determination you have shown in developing environmentally safe equipment for international use in mineral processing and recovery of precious metals. Your achievements will serve as an example for emerging export businesses in British Columbia."
Ross Libby, Mill Trainer - Placer Dome Canada

"Although my background is operational, not mechanical, I was able to clearly follow along with the course book and pick up considerable new ideas regarding the Knelson's operation." - Knelson Concentrators maintenance training program.
Barney Darnton - Pegasus Gold Inc., USA

"For the apparent life of the mine plan, it has been projected for gravity (Knelson Concentrators) to increase the payable gold by almost 2,000 ounces per year. Since our most important objective was to only scalp out the coarse gold with the least extensive and/or expensive system possible, the Knelson has turned out to be the far superior system".
Craig Mckenzie - Kinross Delamar Mining Company, USA

"The basis for selection of the Knelson Concentrator was predicated on installed (successful) locations, reliability, availability of parts and cost. Urethane material and stainless steel components also contributed to extended operating life prior to any required overhauls. Digital P.L.C. control of the Knelson was also favoured by the operating and metallurgical team."
Steve Tadie, Mill Manager - How Mine, Zimbabwe

“In addition to its high throughput capability, low water requirement and outstanding gold recovery, the Knelson has performed excellently in terms of availability and maintenance requirements”.
Brad Hewitt - Placer Dome Canada Ltd., Canada

"Since installation of the Knelson Concentrators, the labour requirements in the gravity circuit (previously jigs) have decreased significantly. Moreover, the mass of material recovered by the Knelson is a fraction of that collected by the jigs. This has decreased the amount of time needed for tabling. Gravity circuit manpower requirements have decreased as a result of the Knelson Concentrator installation".
Andre Laplante - McGill University, Dept. of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering, Canada

"Gold gravity recovery has greatly enhanced the economic viability of the Camchib operation. Total gold recovery was increase 2-3%. Economic recovery was also increased, as gold in the flotation concentrate is paid at a discount rate of about 95%, compared to 99.5% for gold recovered by gravity."
Gerald E Olivier, Plant Manager- Avgold Target Division, Loraine Metallurgical Plant, South Africa

"It must be noted that the Knelson Concentrator only treated a partial stream of the secondary cyclone underflow, being a test unit. Results would be far better if the total stream had to be passed through the Knelson Concentrator."

"The effective performance of the unit was under estimated originally. Any gold processing plant, treating ore containing free gold, fine or coarse, should select a Knelson to treat the total stream."

"The installation of the Knelson proved to be a profitable and valuable project in terms of improving the overall plant recovery and data gathering for the design of the gravity circuit on the new Target Metallurgical Processing Plant."

"Although difficult to ascertain the exact influence of the Knelson Concentrator on the overall recovery of Loraine Plant, due to changing plant feed grades and tonnages, it is fair to assume an overall plant recovery increase of no less than 3%."
Richard Holder, Mill Superintendent - Allstate Explorations NL, Australia

"We have installed a 12, 20 and 30" Knelson concentrator at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine in Tasmania to increase our gravity gold recovery. We are the first mine in Australia to trial the CVD Knelson to recover gold and unoxidised sulphides post bacterial oxidation. Very happy with the service from ConSep, especially Barrie Watson."
Phillip Hellman, Director - Hellman & Schofield Pty Ltd., Australia

"Knelson concentrators have, in a short space of time, changed the way that geologists and metallurgists think about gold. Gravity recoveries of over 30% used to be regarded as remarkable. Now, gravity recoveries up to 90% using Knelsons are not considered to be unusual except by those considerably out of touch with the industry. The challenge for innovators like Knelson is to reach those who have become stuck in their ways to the detriment of the profitability of their operations."
John Willis, Project Metallurgist - Hydrometallurgy Research Laboratories, Australia

"I was heavily involved in the testwork - lab and pilot - that led to the installation of the Knelsons at Minera Alumbrera in Argentina. Last I heard, they were working well and highly valued by the operations staff!"
David Symons, Managing Director - Independent Metallurgical Operation, Australia

"I was commissioned by CRA to investigate the gravity gold recovery options for the Kelian Gold Mine in Indonesia. After exhaustive testwork we trialled a 30" manual unit with great success. We then installed 5 x 30 inch auto units and recovered approximately 7 tonnes of gold per annum from the units. Absolute Bonanza!"
Jim Grau - Enviro-clear, USA

"Knelson Engineering & Manufacturing presented themselves as very professional and well organized group during the bidding stages of our first project together. After the successful completion of many projects together, Knelson has proven time and time again to be a top quality company."
Fred Sveinson, Professional Mining Engineer - Gold City Industries Ltd., Canada

"The Company has innovative, professional employees that are leaders in their field of gravity gold recovery; they are a pleasure to be associated with."
Chris Davis - Gold Dredger

"I've never used one (KC) but have heard good things about them."
Jorge Palmes, Process Superintendent - Barrick Gold, Argentina

"I used a Knelson concentrator during my four years at MIM, Alumbrera. That was a very good piece of equipment and surely the first option when free gold is present in the ore."
Julio Cesar Miranda, Ingeniero Metalurgico - Minera Alumbrera Ltd., Argentina

"I work with Knelson 30" and 48" old version. They have good performance in fine gold recovery in our circuit."
Juan Antonio Garcia, Chemical Engineer/Metallurgist - National University of San Juan/Cerro Vanguardia SA, Argentina

"I, with my assistant, Eduardo Baños, would be the first technicians in Argentina that experienced your Knelson lab unit. We got it from you through the Mining Secretary's Chief who visited your company in the 80s. We used it to learn new gravitational technology and we recovered gold and silver from melting furnaces scrap of Farallón Negro, YMAD, Catamarca province and from Abra Pampa melting plant (Berlingier Company), at Jujuy province..."
Maria Isabel Menegazzo, Professor of Chemistry - Argentina

"As a Professor of Chemistry I have learned how to recover gold from minerals. One of them is Knelson, and I taught this to my students at my Taller de Ciencias para Jóvenesm JIA."
Marthinus Meyer, Production Manager - Akzo Nobel Onslow Salt, Australia

"With Knelson you feel at home anywhere in the world because you find them wherever you go."
Matthew Walton, Senior Analyst - ANZ Bank, Australia

"While knowing of the benefits of the existing Knelson concentrators, as used in the Western Australian goldfields, the introduction of "something big" (refering to the KC-XD70 concentrator) will be a standout in increasing economies of scale and supporting larger projects."
Peter Martin, Sales Manager - Austextechflow, Australia

"This was excellent (the "Where in the world is Knelson?" - Internet contest) as I have a bit to do with this product in my travels both in North Queensland and Papua New Guinea, as a Valves Sales Manager. But it was interesting to learn where else in the world Knelson is being used."
Peter d'Auvergne, Project Geologist - Ballarat Goldfields NL, Australia

"I'm an exploration geologist and am not involved directly with metal processing. This is my first experience with Knelson and I have learned Knelson are BIG!"
Bryan Bourke, Consultant - Bourke & Associates, Australia

"The world's best and no operating plant could operate without one."
Elaine Oliver, Designer - Elaine Oliver Designs, Australia

"I hear nothing but great reports about the Knelson experience! Keep up the good work!"
Bob Skrzeczyns, Technical Advisor - Haoma Mining NL, Australia

"Currently experimenting with a 30 inch auto Knelson to recover gold-bearing pyrite from tailings in the Pilbara Western Australia."
Peter Gron, Senior Consultant Mineral Processing - Hatch, Australia

"Ok Tedi Mining Limited - Installed 4 x KC12 concentrators in the Flotation Circuit to increase overall gold recovery."
Dr. Simon Dominy, MCA Lecturer in Mining, Geology & Resources - James Cook University, Australia

"I first used a Knelson concentrator back in 1997 when working for Welsh Gold PLC in the UK. I was impressed by its capability of extracting coarse gold from our ore. Since then I have been involved in projects using from bench-top to full production systems. Knelsons do a fantastic job from grade control sample processing/sample testing, through feasibility bulk samples and full production tonnages. Thank you Knelson, Great Technology!"
Gunawarde Bandula, Principal Mechanical Engineer - Lycopodium Pty Ltd, Australia

"Presently working on a feasibility study for a project in Africa which uses both Knelson concentrators and an ACACIA Reactor."
Jim Kerr, Business Development Manager - Mincor Resources NL, Australia

"Whilst working in central Kalimantan, Indonesia, myself and some other geo mates used a MCVS7.5 to process local alluvials for some weekend pocket money - too easy! The locals couldn't believe their eyes at how much gold we recovered, for so little effort. I reckon you'd clean up supplying these little beauties to the locals, or upscaling to a CD 10 or 12 for the floating barge operations!"
Brian Putland, Senior Metallurgist - Orway Mineral Consultants, Australia

"I operated a 30" Knelson on a small 100 tph plant in the eastern goldfields of Australia (Lawlers Gold Mine). When optimized, the Knelson recovered over 70% of the gold from the ore and was easy to operate."
Christopher Mwaba, Senior Projects Metallurgist - Pasminco Ltd., Australia

"Pasminco's Rosebery Mine installed one of the earliest manual discharge KC-25's in the secondary grinding circuit to recover free-milling gold. A second automatic discharge was installed in the primary grinding stage in the early 1990s. The performance of this unit was so good that it rendered the first installed unit redundant. In 1998, we added a second unit to the primary grinding stage to increase gold recovery further. We also purchased a laboratory size 6" Knelson, which we used extensively in our Ore Characterisation programmes. Gold recovery to dore improved from a mere 10% to almost 30% in 1999-2000."
Elizabeth Haren, Consultant Resource Geologist - Snowden, Australia

"Working at a gold mine in Western Australia the benefits of the Knelson were extremely apparent due to the nuggety nature of our deposit. The Knelson captured a huge amount of metal that had previously gone to tailings."
Ian Kerr, Project Manager - Westonia Mines Limited, Australia

"Whilst with Placer Dome I was responsible for the installation of Knelson concentrators at both Porgera and Osborne. My current project has a +50% gravity component and will require gravity concentrators."
Bruno Van Eero, Professor - St. Remacle, Belgium

"The most efficient concentrator I've ever seen to separate gold from very heavy sands. Couldn't do better by hand."
Jamie Coad, Mine General Manager - Peak Gold Mines, Australia

"Peak Gold Mines employs 3 x 30" Knelsons to recover 10-50% of its gold. The high variability is dependent on the ore source being treated. In the beneficiation process in the gold room a 12" Knelson is used as a scavenger for the tailings from the Gemini tables."
Paul Fallon, Metallurgy Operations Superintendent - Peak Gold Mines, Australia

"Started using Knelson concentrators at Browns Creek Mine in NSW Australia. We soon upgraded the machine and the 30" unit was recovering over 50% of our total gold. Chris Rogan from ConSep (agents for Knelsons in Australia) helped us optimise the units."
Tania Strixner-Hall, Senior Chemist - Queensland Magnesia, Australia

"The very first mine I ever worked at used a Knelson concentrator fed by the rod mill discharge. We routinely got nuggety gold up to the size of peas. At that stage I had no idea about the mining industry and was totally amazed at what the equipment could do. I was disappointed to find out that all of the nuggets used to go into the crucibles for dore bullion, rather than being sold "as is"."
Michael Beer, Managing Director - Range River Gold NL, Australia

The first recent experience (with a Knelson) is reading about your great equipment in a recent book published in Melbourne by Sandra Close on the Modern Australian Gold Boom and the second is that I recently noticed that the RAUB gold project in Malaysia has one of your Knelsons."
Stuart Laing, Executive - RFC Corporate Finance, Australia

"A fantastic mineral recovery device. Hope to see one in use at our current major investment, (name disclosed), when it goes into production, hopefully in the next 2 years."
Elmo Lloyd, Director - Escortech Ind. Com. Ltda.

"I worked for a long time for Anglo American group in Brazil. Now I am a consultant and continue working for AngloGold group. I have opportunity to work with this equipment in many plants in Brasil and Argentina, Seraa Grande, Cerro Vanguardia, etc. Now, in the expansion of Culabá Mine, we intend to buy new equipment for this project. I have the opportunity as a consultant to indicate this equipment to Ignacio Ortellado, from Assumption, Paraguay, and he bought this equipment for his project."
Viviane Pontelo, Import and Market Development - Mineração Morro Velho Ltda, Brasil

"I am from the procurement department. Our experience with Knelson sales department is very grateful. If our technical area goes on requesting Knelson products it is because they are very satisfied with them."
Gunter Lipper, Mining Engineer - Outokumpu Technologia Brasil, Brasil

"I carried out Pilot Testworks in Companhia Industrial Fluminense in order to recover Tantalum of Spirals Tailings."
Jock Clark, Consultant Metallurgist - Rio Tinto Brasil, Brazil

"Although I have been using jigs as the principal means of recovering gravity gold in milling circuits since 1964, recent work here in Brazil with the 3", 6" and 20" Knelsons at our plant (Rio Paracatu Mineraçã) has convinced me that Knelson is the way to go in future installations."
Stefan Stamenov, Mining Engineer - EcoTech Consult Ltd., Bulgaria

"I have 7 years experience with Knelson Concentrators. In 1994 we started investigations in Chelopech copper-gold mine, BG and in 1996 two concentrators were bought for this mine. Now we have just finished investigations in gold mine in Kardjali, Rodopi mountain. BG and we have to buy one KC 30CD. This will be the fifth Knelson unit in little Bulgaria. I wish a happy 25th anniversary to you. Best regards"
Art Winckers, Metallurgist - A.H. Winckers & Associates Mineral Processing Consultants, Canada

"I congratulate Knelson with its 25 year success story of successfully developing innovative mineral processing equipment which enhances the performance of gold mills and other mineral processing plants."
Aaron Black, President/CEO - AIC Innovations, Canada

"Your website is very informative and was quite a lesson on just how much of an impact your company has made on the great gold industry."
Alexandra Kozak, Senior Process Engineer - AMEC, Canada

"Knelson is doing a tremendous job of promoting the technology of gravity separation and its application."
J.C. Milbourne, Metallurgist - AMEC, Canada

"Back in the early days (1983) while at Bateman I used a 6" unit in the California gold rush country to show the sand and gravel operators how much gold they were losing. Things have come a long long way since then."
Peter Oshust, Resource Geologist - BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc., Canada

"The first time I saw a Knelson concentrator in action was at HBM&S's Photo Lake Mine mill (old Stall Lake mill) at Snow Lake, Manitoba. At the time, we were mining 9% Zn, 3% Cu and 0.13 oz/t Au. We were supposed to be at a base metal mine but in actuality we were producing more gold per tonne than they were finding at the New Britannia Mine in town! The barrel beneath the concentrator was open at the top and full to the brim with heavies. I was completely in awe with the thought of all the gold that was contained in that 45 gal. drum."
Harry Goetz, U/G Mine Coordinator - BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc.

"We had a Knelson concentrator at Contact Lake (Saskatchewan) and it worked like a charm!"
David Laurence, Associate Professor - School of Mining Engineering, Australia

"First heard about them (Knelsons) when at a gold conference in Kal in 1984. First saw one operate when I joined an alluvial mining company in 1988. Seen them throughout my travels in Australia (all states and the NT), Africa, South America, Pacific and Asia since that time."
Rob Carpenter, District Geologist - DIAND, Canada

"What can I say about Knelson that hasn't already been said? Keep up the great work!"
Daniel Obaro, Director/Metallurgist - Elpaal Resources, Canada

"While still waiting for a grant approval for the purchase of a Knelson concentrator, the co-operation received from Knelson staff in the determination of my equipment choice has been wonderful."

"Your monthly publication and on-line distribution of technical papers - very notable."
Bill Witte, President & CEO - Emgold Mining Corporation

"Emgold has been very pleased with the testwork completed to date on the Idaho-Maryland tailings and waste material. We are looking forward to conducting more tests soon with samples from our current 4,000 to 5,000 foot diamond drill program. We are planning on eventually developing the Idaho-Maryland Mine into a 400,000 oz. per year gold producer with some help from Knelson."
Gary Halverson, Gen. Mgr. - PJV Timmons

"This past December, an ACACIA Reactor was added to the gravity circuit, in association with Knelson concentrators. This high cyanide intensity leach vessel replaces the table usually used in refining." The PJV is anticipating an overall increase between 0.5% to 1 % as a result, with the recovery of gold of gold from the Knelson concentrator increasing to 99%" - CIM Magazine, June edition.
Michael Pickens, President - Geoex Limited, Canada

"Worked like a hot damn in some of the placer operations we have seen through the years."
Jim Bryce, Lead Production Geologist - Goldcorp, Canada

"At the world's richest gold mine, where everyday I see nuggets the size of hazelnuts, once a week the size of plums, and one every other month (today) the size of watermelons, your concentrator is an invaluable tool in our recovery efforts."
Rod Tyreman, Senior Metallurgist - Goldcorp Inc., Red Lake Mine, Canada

"Our two Knelson concentrators have been a key component to the Red Lake Mine Processing Plant gold recovery circuit. When milling only 650 tpd and producing over ½ million bullion ounces annually (not including gold locked up in concentrate) you need a top of the line gold recovery circuit. Our CD and XD (Knelsons) 20s account for 60% of this monumental task."
Donald Helfrick, Hazardous Waste Specialist - Government of the Northwest Territories, Canada

"After spending one long winter rebuilding a 7.5" Knelson concentrator I contracted the recovery of spillage from a gravity mill circuit at the MON property at Discovery Lake in the NWT. The repairs and original cost were recovered in one season. In the north, the season is very short."
Judith Leclerc, Engineer - Iron Ore Company, Canada

"I worked for 3 gold companies and 2 of them used gravity concentrators that were from Knelson. In the first company, I classed manually, on gravity table, the concentrate from a Knelson concentrator. First time I saw gold, that was from a Knelson concentrator. It's an incredible experience. Now I'm working for an iron ore producer; the challenge is not the same. I miss gold mines because it's so impressive and more critical because if you lose a few grams, you lose a lot of money."
Graham McNally, Engineer - Kinross Gold, Canada

"When I was a new Mining technician student at the Haileybury School of Mines back in 1987, my first exposure to a gold concentrator was in our Milling/Metallurgy class. We processed some donated ore from a gold mine nearby. We were truly impressed at how the small, basic Knelson concentrator improved recoveries on our samples. To this day I'm a proponent of Knelson concentrators due to that exposure in our class."
William Xiao, Research Assistant - McGill University, Canada

"I have four years research experience with regular speed and variable speed KC-MD3. We characterized over 110 ore samples for gravity recovery gold (GRG) from all over the world! The KC is an excellent gold recovery equipment! Right now, we are using it to characterize other precious metals!!"
William Shaw, Researcher - Minmet Inc., Canada

"We recommended KC to a lot of gold mines for gold gravity recovery. It is excellent to recover coarse gold in the primary grinding circuit, especially the ball mill discharge or cyclone underflow according to the gold behaviour."
Bryce Schellenberg, Mill Operator - North American Palladium, Canada

"I found your story to be very interesting, with the contest concept that is unique. I have run concentrators and find them to be a necessary part of recovery."
Ken Roberts, Regional Manager - Outokumpu, Canada

"(My experience with Knelson is..) eliminating the 4 jigs at the Dome Mine with a single 30" CD while increasing recovery."
Nuri Hmidi, Metallurgist - Placer Dome, Canada

"At Musselwhite we have two Knelsons, and recently we have just completed a study to optimize both Knelsons. The work is done with the Knelson group in Vancouver."
Brent Hilscher, Metallurgist - Placer Dome, Canada

"Love that ACACIA Reactor."
John Folinsbee, Mill Manager - Porcupine Joint Venture, Canada

"We have 5 Knelsons and 1 ACACIA Reactor - a big sucker too!!"
Roger G. Sylvestre, Executive Vice President

"I helped to install your first Knelson in Mongolia; I think it was 1996."
Audun Olsen, Technician Manager - ALW Chile S.A., Chile

"I am a Metallurgical Engineer. I know the Knelson machine and I'm grateful to have worked with it."
Bert Huls, Manager Process Development - BHP Billiton, Chile

"The Knelson concentrator is ideal equipment to recover unexpected gold, or the gold that did not exist! Difficulties in sampling and assaying for gold from concentrates typically underestimates the real amount of gold a concentrate may contain."
Guillermo Ugarte, Mining Engineer - CADE IDEPE, Chile

"I know about Knelson concentrators from the beginning of my professional life and I always had recommended their use in the various projects I have been working on."
Daniel Sepulveda, Mining Engineer - Oxton Consultores Ltda., Chile

"I have personally seen the good metallurgical performance at Alumbrera, and read that Knelson has gained a good reputation in concentrators worldwide...."
Marie Joele Hui, President - HMH/DAK, China

"I have been to your plant in Canada and to the gold meeting in Denver a few years ago... I firmly believe that Knelson is the solution for processing tailings in China."
Emanuel Kominek, Head of Geological Survey - EXPLO-MINE Ltd., Czech Republic

"I have used your exploratory centrifugal concentrators (7.5") for more than 10 years and I'm very contented with them."
Christof Bernardy, Project Manager, Coal and Mineral Processing - KHD Humboldt Wedag, Germany

"My first positive experience with 30" KC dates back to 1985 at Km 88 in Venezuela."
Charles Amoah, Chief Metallurgist - Abosso Goldfields Ltd., Ghana

"It is very efficient and friendly operated. Can handle and actually take care of the gravity circuit without much worries."
Eric Ofori, Purchasing Officer - AGC, Iduapriem Gold Mine, Tarkwa, Ghana

"We had problems with our previous system so we shifted to the Knelson concentrator system. It has been very efficient in our gold recovery. Monthly ounces produced has really sprang up."
Bernard Ador, Metallurgist - AGC-Iduapriem Gold Mine, Ghana

"Iduapriem mine operates a new KC (Knelson). We are still optimizing this unit. I have just discovered that the amount of water added to the scalping screen feeding the KC is very important. Based on this knowledge we have now started producing half of our gold from the KC. It is amazing! What a silent and wonderful performer!"
Deon Joubert, Engineering Manager - Ashanti Goldfields, Ghana

"I have worked with Knelson concentrators for the past 6 years and do not know anyone who can compete."
Enoch Cordjot, Production Superintendent - Ashanti Goldfields, Iduapriem Gold Mine, Ghana

"The center discharges have really made life easy compared to manual types, which I was using on the PTP Roaster (Calcine) discharge in 1992. Truly a demonstration of the Knelson concentrator at the Diamond House, ACCRA in the mid '80s (believe Byron was there) spurred my interest in metallurgy."
Mariama Okine, Telecom Engineer - Ghana Telecom Com. Ltd., Ghana

"....Knelson concentrators have over the years proved efficient."
Kwabena E. Darfour, Metallurgist - Iduapriem Mine, Ghana

"Since the Knelson installation at the Iduapriem Mine, we've be able to utilize the capacity of the concentrator compared to the major CIP circuit ratio of 1:6 to 1:1 and now the Knelson is currently producing even more gold than the main CIP circuit."
Isaac Neequaye, Managing Director - IEP Limited, Ghana

"Amazed at the performance of a small concentrator at a private mine near Tarkwa. Surprising I couldn't find more information about it when I needed it, but it's good to know that much of this information is now in the public domain."
Dr. Justice Dartey - Okoampa Mining Ltd., Ghana

"I am a small scale miner in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I came across Knelson in my quest for appropriate technology for effective processing results, so I paid several visits to Ashanti Goldfield mines to see how the plant and the concentrators function, and have been a first class Knelson propagator even though I still haven't succeeded in mobilizing the entire amount to own a Knelson CD yet. I will stay a great fan of Knelson and hope to own one in the nearest future. Great works! Congratulations and happy anniversary from the management and staff of Okoampa Mines Ltd."
Bob Rawlinson - Retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer

"Meeting Byron Knelson and working with him and my colleague, Hank van Veigen, to produce a gold plant in Guinea. Shame we did not have any gold - but that's another story! The Knelson concentrators worked."
Ravi Babu, Processing Engineer - Fomento, India

"One of the finest gravity techniquex in which we can recover ultrafine gold particles with high recovery and grade. I hope one modified version with a lot of parameters will be available within 2005"
Dr. Pateel Yerriswamy - Indian School of Mines (ISM), Dhanbad, India

"The Knelson Concentrator is a great innovative mineral processing equipment in the last century. All over the globe almost all gold mining companies are getting benefit from this invention."
Bitrashiv Rao, Dy. General Manager (Mineral Processing) - National Mineral Development Corporation, India

"Research and development center of NMDC has been using lab model Knelson concentrator to find gravity recoverable gold. So far its applicability for new deposits in the areas of Karnataka and Madgasker have proved to be very much effective."
Jai Barnwal, Senior Scientist & Group Leader - Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal, India

"We have a laboratory size Knelson concentrator and have been using this unit regularly, not only for gold concentration but have tried many other applications like concentration of cesseterite, etc. The only constraint that I have encountered is its being batch type, otherwise it is one of the most trouble-free concentrators."
Adrian Zarantonello, Superintendent Metallurgy - Projects - PT Freeport, Indonesia

"Introduction to Knelson concentrators was in Peak Gold Mines, Cobar NSW, where 3 30" machines were used, the first of their kind to be painted deep blue. This circuit was treating SAG discharge -2mm, and saved a lot of money in reduced cyanide consumption and improved recovery. For the last number of years, major effort has been placed in testing, designing and installing one of the world's biggest single time installations of KC-XD48, 12 in total, at PT Freeport, West Papua, Indonesia. In this circuit, the gravity circuit has been installed within the primary ball milling circuit, treating cyclone underflow. The new 70" Knelson, if available at the time of design, would have been seriously considered for installation. Look forward to having the opportunity of taking the next step and experiencing the 1000 t/hr machine, having already worked with the 2 predecessors, 48" and 30"."
Ruben Villanueva, Minas Arirahua - Peru

We have installed and used your Knelson CD12 anad CD20 concentrators to target free gold from jigs and flotation concentrates in the regrind circuit. The production from the gravity circuit accounted for up to 60% of the total production, with concentrate grades between 8,000 and 9,000 gr/ton.
John Mosher, Superintendent, Production - PT Freeport Indonesia

"We look forward to having the economic benefits of improving gold recovery with our 12-Knelson installation."
Peet Van Schalkwyk, Plant Manager - Morila Gold Mine, Mali

"With 18 years of experience in the gold extracting and recovery business, I have only the following to share: Gold is Green…Knelson Green. Green represents also the process friendliness towards the environment."

"The name Knelson and the green colour in the gold industry is synonyms for "Green Gold". Green gold for highly effective gold recovery units and environmentally friendly."
Roberto Dibildox, Mechanical Engineer - Compañia Minera TTT, Mexico

"Knelson is excellent where free gold is present in ores which cannot be recovered by a flotation process."
Peter Walker, Managing Director - Evi Mining Company Limited

"I first saw a Knelson in operation in the deep southern Venezuela jungle, where they were extracting gold during processing of alluvial diamond gravels. My admiration was high since the conditions under which it operated were extreme - both climatic and poorly educated operators."
Trevor Alty, Owner - Buller Gold Dredging, New Zealand

"Whilst working on an alluvial claim that incorporated a Knelson concentrator, I was impressed with its catch ratio. This was ultra fine beach gold and was contained in a sand that contained a high percentage of ilmenite and various other heavy minerals. The Knelson rejected these associated heavy minerals and retained an exceptional percentage of the ultra fine gold. I set up a set of gold catching tables and treated the discharge from Knelson. From this I was able to ascertain the catch rate for the Knelson was close to 98%. I did get a bonus one day when there was a major malfunction with the water pressure and eight hours production somehow got flushed out the discharge pipe, ultimately to be caught on the table. So it was a case of a gold recovery process over a 100 years old working in conjunction with a modern system. The Knelson got its 98% and I got the other 2% on the table. Truly a 100 percent recovery system."
Chris Magombed - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

"On a pilot project on 'Riverbed Alluvial Gold Mining' at the University of Zimbabwe, we achieved 100% gold recovery from sluice box pre-concentrates using the 7.5" pilot scale Knelson. It was fantastic to see real gold in its true colour on such a scale."
Bernardo Rubio, Mill Manager - Cia. De Minas Buenventura S.A.

"By replacing 2 IRD jigs (duplex) with Knelson concentrator's KC-30, we improved our gold recovery in the gravity circuit from 13-15% to 20-25%, all these previous to the flotation circuit."
Babacar Diouf, Project Geologist - Randgold Resources, Senegal

"The first time I used a Knelson concentrator was back in 1994 when working for an alluvial evaluation project in eastern Senegal for Anglo American Corp. (now AngloGold). Our work was made easier and the downstream local gold panners were amazed. Thanks to all of you."
Freddie Human - Anglovaal Mining Ltd., South Africa

"…The Knelson has been a great development and has added great value to otherwise bleak gold projects with a range of free gold."
Gerald Olivier, Plant Superintendent - Avgold Ltd.-Target Division, South Africa

"Knelson 30 inch, introduced to the old Loraine Plant during 1999, increased gold recovery by 3%. The 48 inch at Target Division is recovering 50% of the total gold production."
Louis Neil, Engineering Manager - Bateman, South Africa

"I came from a diamond background and when I joined my present Company my first job was to produce a tender for a bio-leach gold plant. The feedstock, however, contained quite a percentage of fine free gold. My colleague glanced at the client's enquiry document and said, without hesitation, "It looks like a Knelson job to me." I had never heard of Knelson before but his words made such an impression on me that every time since, whenever a gold plant is required, I look for the obvious front-end solution of installing a Knelson to retrieve the free gold."
Chris Brits - Goldfields, South Africa

"We investigated the possibility for a gravity circuit for three years. We dealt with numerous companies during this time. Every time we contacted Pete Van Den Steen (Knelson Concentrators Africa), he assisted us immediately and gave us professional help. He never complained about his time (or money) being wasted. I gave him a hard time (I mean he is only a rep) and he always smiled and took it in his stride stating that he believes in his product. Now that made an impression on me. We are busy installing the gravity circuit - at last - and I know I can call on Knelson day (or night) to assist me."
Michael Turner, Technical Manager - Lonmin Platinum, South Africa

"It's obvious that when it comes to gravity concentration Knelson steals the show."
Melt Bester - Synexus, South Africa

"The most awesome experience ever!"
Matthys J. Loedolff - Synexus (Pty) Ltd., South Africa

"So where in the world is Knelson…everywhere!!"
Paul Manders, Managing Director - J & N Resources NV, Suriname

"Being able to learn first-hand about the Knelson concentrators from one of the most experienced people that Knelson Concentrators works with all over the world, tells me that indeed there is no better gravity solution for any gold project than the Knelson concentrator."
Dennis Sebugwao, Plant Metallurgist - Afrika Mashariki Gold Mine, Tanzania

"I have experience with Knelson at two mines, namely Golden Pride Project and AMGM, both in Tanzania. In both cases we had gold recovery from Knelson of about 5-10% of the total gold. The machine operated efficiently and was simple to operate. I recommend other mines to adapt the technology from Knelson."
Gavin Fletcher, Senior Metallurgist - Afrika Mashariki Gold Mines, Tanzania

"The testwork for our operation suggested that a gravity circuit was not required due to the lack of free gold in the deposit. Thankfully the final design included an XD30 and gravity recovery is in the order of 6-10%. The free gold is very fine and subsequent tabling is very inefficient. Recent testwork of the ACACIA reactor suggests we will be able to double our gravity gold production, improve security in the gold room and also improve the health and safety of the gold room by alleviating the need for smelting of "dirty" gravity concentrates."
Robert Godbout, Senior Plant Supervisor - Barrick Gold/KMCL, Tanzania

"Well, I have experience with Knelsons since 1996 from the Troilus Project, and now at Bulyanhulu, and believe me, I really enjoy having them around - simple, smart, logic…and great performer! Thanx again and carry on making good things; also happy 25th!"
Kwasi Nyamekye, Metallurgical Engineer - Geita Gold Mining Ltd., Tanzania

"In Bibiani, Ghana, we were the first Ashanti mine to install the KC 48 inch and were very successful with it. Based on it, a recommendation was made on the Geita project and two 48 inch machines were bought. They are performing very well here and in our ongoing expansion thought is being given on purchasing one or two more Knelson concentrators."
Godwin Mwehong, Senior Plant Metallurgist - Geita Gold Mining Ltd., Tanzania

"Apart from quick recovery of coarse free gold prior to cyanidation. I have always found the Knelson concentrators to be easily operated with minimum operational problems, thus keeping the overall recovery constantly at the maximum."
Brett Thomson, Plant Supervisor - Kahama Mining, Tanzania

"I have used Knelson concentrators for the past 10 years on three continents and nine different mine sites. All have worked well and are a credit to their design."
Luiz Correia, CI Coach - Kahama Mining Corporation, Tanzania

"The use of Knelsons at the Bulyanhulu mine has been a 'lifesaver'. Half the mine's gold production is via gravity recovery. The improvement story is almost a year long, but yet successful. The original installation of two 30" Knelsons (G5s) later saw the introduction of a 12" Knelson together with a small, closed circuit grinding mill (treating tails of two Gemini tables).
Peter Healy, Safety/Training - Kahama Mining Corporation, Tanzania

"My experience with Knelson covers a number of mines I have worked in. I have found them to be very reliable and efficient in the extraction of free gold."
Charlie Northfield, Minerals Engineer - S.A. Minerals (Phuket) Co. Ltd., Thailand

"In 1992 Byron Knelson came to visit our newly installed 30" Knelson at the Zlate Hory (Gold Hill) gold-zinc-copper mine in Czechoslovakia. We collected Byron from Prague airport and our driver Vaclav transported us in his trusty Lada to the mine site nestled in the pine forests of northern Moravia, close to the Polish border. John le Carre would have loved it here. We already had one major success importing western technology to the eastern bloc, having successfully tested, installed and commissioned a Mozley MGS separator to recover gold from the flotation concentrate. We then embarked on a programme to scavenge gold from the flotation tailings. Some promising initial testwork was completed using a 7.5" model; a 30" Knelson was subsequently installed and successfully recovered gold from the flotation tailings stream."
David Burrow, Consultant - DGB International Assoc., United Kingdom

"Works well, and does the job that it is designed for."
Jeremy Bates, Consulting Mining Engineer - Sociedade de Mineração Juruema Ltda., United Kingdom

"We used a 12" Knelson on a pilot plant operation at Piaba Prospect, Aurizona, Maranhão, Brazil. With one exception, the results showed that the orebody had been consistently under-evaluated, resulting in a mine recovery or minecall factor of 1.8; the exception was in processing laterite, which provided a recovery of 0.95. These results were discussed with Modesto & Rowe, the Brazilian representatives for Knelson. We would not install another pilot plant, even for diamond operations, without a Knelson in the circuit. The company has come a long way since I saw my first Knelson in 1978 or 79. Congratulations."
David Wells, Senior Metallurgist - Micon International Co. Ltd.

"Very familiar with the product. No personal operating experience so far, but looking forward to having the opportunity. I have met Byron twice: January '97 in Kent, UK, and June '97 in Cornwall, UK. Both the man and the product are impressive."
Everest Siwira, Technical Support Metallurgist - SNF (UK) Ltd., United Kingdom

"I was the first University of Zimbabwe student to install and operate a Knelson concentrator at the Roasting Plant in Kwekwe in 1995 when I was doing my internship."
George Papic, Mine Geology - Anglogold North America, USA

"I used it at a mine in Bolivia and it was a great concentrator. We recovered fine and coarse gold."
Jack Everett, Vice President, Exploration - Capital Gold Corporation, USA

"Our company, formally known as Leadville Mining & Milling Corporation, used a small Knelson concentrator in our mill in Leadville, Colorado to recover fine gold not recovered by the tables in 1999. The ore was mined from 7th level of the Hopemore Mine and was the last ore to be mined from this historic district."
Michael Szapowal, President - Corben Jewelry & Coin, USA

"I never knew that one company could be such an integral part of gold production throughout the world. To boost production so much with so little, I wonder what mining ventures would do without Knelson. Truly this is the start of something big."
Dennis Garrett, President - Empire X, LLC, USA

"I worked at a placer mine in Alaska that saw vastly improved recoveries using a Knelson concentrator."
Mike Kiener, Senior Systems Validation Analyst - Hoffmann-Laroche, USA

"Great company. Great products. Long lived, reliable and efficient producers."
David Collins, Manager Process Development - Newmont Mining Corporation, USA

"At Meridian Gold's El Penon mine in Chile, Knelson concentrator performance is severely hampered by steel fibers! The fibers, 1.25" long by about 1/32", are reinforcement for the shotcrete used underground and by the time they get into mill feed represent 180 gpt compared to a gold head of about 10 gpt!! Not surprising that the Knelson makes a good iron concentrate contaminated with gold!!"
Susan Ritz, Senior Metallurgical Engineer - Newmont Mining Corporation, USA

"We installed a small Knelson here at Lone Tree Complex as a test on ores from the Carlin trend. Thought the total GRG was lower than expected, we did get great support form Knelson and are currently planning a second of this ore soon. With experience under our belts, we expect a smooth operation."
Rod Steel, CTO - Re-Bar Corporate Support, Ltd., USA

"A Knelson concentrator (and a soon to be delivered custom one) has allowed a stock I hold to appreciate by more than five times in the last year! Thank you Knelson (since I expect another five times appreciation in the near future)!"
Richard Redfern, President - RMIC Gold, USA

"Good results (with Knelson concentrator) with Maruice Hoffman in Deadwood, SD."
John Hedges, Vice President - Exploration - Tamarack Investment Company, USA

"First met Byron in 1982 as a Mining Analyst to EDC and became an advocate of the Knelson System, introducing the technology to a number of potential clients worldwide."
William Atkinson, Associate Professor - University of Colorado, USA

"I consulted, then placed a student for a master's thesis at Khory Mina, near Oruro, Bolivia. At this mine, they have a little devil, the "Tio" installed at the portal of their adit, where the miners have to make offerings of coca leaves, alcohol and tobacco as they go in each shift.......all of their production comes out of a Knelson machine! They couldn't make it economically until they got their Knelson. They could use a few more Knelsons and increase their production."
Wally Koz, Chief Miner - Wallyn Placer, USA

"Afraid mine (Knelson experience) won't be as big time as others, but read a story a long time ago in CMJ about a Knelson being demonstrated to a mining op and the Knelson was set up at the end of the sluice. When the operators saw the amount of gold they had been losing they would not let it be removed and bought it on the spot. I read that story perhaps 10 years ago and it still sticks in my mind."
Arthur Michael Ambrosino, Mining Engineer (2003 Graduate) - USA

"(Experience with Knelson) While working on a 200 billion gallon dredge heavy minerals of the sediments, which will be used to pay for the deepening!"
Hector Marquez, Geografo - CVG Tecmin, C.A., Venezuela

"We used a Knelson in Caroni River, Estado Bolivar (1989-1982). The results were very important to eliminate the mercury in concentration operations to recover gold."
Monica Martiz, Mining Engineer - Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela

"As a ore beneficiation investigator through our laboratory at the University, we have made experiments and tests in Venezuelan gold and other heavy minerals. One of our machines is the KC 3" for gravity concentration. We have tested material from a pond that has a grade of 0.829 g/ton in grains 81,25% 400 mesh. In second step, where we controlled pulp, % solid weight, feed, water fluid and we recover 8,49 g/ton. Also, the equipment is currently used in the student practices every semester, in a subject named Mineral Preparation and Concentration in 4th year plan for the future mining engineer."
Abel Ntini, Managing Director - Ashanti Goldfields, Zimbabwe

"We have found KCs to enhance our gold recover at Freda Rebecca Mine. Keep up the good work!"
Elvis Mudoti, Metallurgical Services Superintendent - Ashanti Goldfields, Zimbabwe

"While I was a metallurgist at Blanket Mine (for Kinross) realized optimization of two 30" Knelsons could give gold recovery of up to 45% of the total underground gold production."
Sijabulis Muzite, Plant Superintendent - Ashanti Goldfields Zimbabwe Limited

"Ashanti Goldfields Zimbabwe Limited's Freda Rebecca Mine is the single largest producer of Knelson gravity gold in Zimbabwe, operating two fully automated XD30 machines. At the peak of production, the Knelson gold accounted for 30% of production, which accounted for 84 kg of gold. This was achieved through strict adherence to maintenance schedules as well as monitoring the quality of water that was used in the machines."
Andrews Awini, Senior Plant Metallurgist - Ashanti Goldfields Zimbabwe Limited, Zimbabwe

"Commissioned and operated KC-CD30 manual KC on the BIOX circuit of the Ashanti Abuasi mine STP plant in 1996. Commissioned and operated the first ever stainless steel Knelson concentrator at AGC Obuasi STP plant in 1997. Commissioned and operated our first KC-XD48 in the OTP plant of AGC Obuasi mine in 1998. Commissioned two KC-XD48s at the mill circuit of the above-mentioned plant in 1999. Currently operating two KC-XD30s at the Freda Rebecca mine in Zimbabwe.I have found Knelsons efficient, easy to run, and low maintenance."
Pete Simpson, Director - Peacocke, Simpson & Associates, Zimbabwe

"During a visit with Byron to Abie Beattie, Managing Director of Falcon Gold Zimbabwe, Abie was heard to say of Byron as we left, that "That fellow is either a supreme bull******* or he has a fantastic product". I guess Abie convinced himself of the answer to this question as we received the order two weeks later for one KC-CD20 and one KC-CD12!"
Gilbert Morgan, General Manager-Finance & Administration - Multi-Tech Services Ltd., Ghana

"I first became aware of Knelson products when at the Ashanti Mine in the 80's and 90's, where the introduction of Knelson concentrators greatly enhanced gold production. I am now with Multi-Tech, also in Ghana, and as your distributor I can observe from a distance how the reputation of your products is continually gaining strength."
Theophilus Aferi, Product Engineer - Multi-Tech Services Ltd., Ghana

"Knelson concentrator units require very little maintenance making it user friendly, providing a complete hands off operation with its automation system making it a secure unit for gold/precious metals production, and have available an excellent team available to support Knelson installations around the world."

Share Your Knelson Experience
David Collins, Manager Process Development - Newmont Mining Corporation, USA

"At Meridian Gold's El Penon mine in Chile, Knelson concentrator performance is severely hampered by steel fibers! The fibers, 1.25" long by about 1/32", are reinforcement for the shotcrete used underground and by the time they get into mill feed represent 180 gpt compared to a gold head of about 10 gpt!! Not surprising that the Knelson makes a good iron concentrate contaminated with gold!!" ...more > >
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